Help NSARDA Kent Train, Qualify & Deploy Missing Person Search Dogs

Help NSARDA Kent Train, Qualify & Deploy Missing Person Search Dogs

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NSARDA Kent is a member Association of The National Search and Rescue Dog Association (NSARDA), which exists to deploy highly qualified search and rescue dog teams to search for and rescue the many hundreds of vulnerable missing persons that get lost every year.

NSARDA Kent is a voluntary, charitable organisation that trains, qualifies and deploys search dog teams throughout the county of Kent and in support of other search teams around the UK.

People go missing in all types of terrain including the mountains, moorlands and coastal areas as well as lowland rural and urban areas. In fact people go missing almost anywhere you can imagine.

NSARDA Search Dogs are used to search for the many different types of missing people such as hill walkers, climbers, the elderly and confused persons that may be suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia, those that are despondent, children, and sometimes victims of crime.

You will usually find NSARDA Kent qualified dogs and handlers working with Kent Search And Rescue ( who are deployed by Kent Police.

All NSARDA Associations provide their services completely free of charge and are entirely dependent on public donations to be able to continue to provide this service year on year.

NSARDA Kent need your help to buy equipment such as hi-vis harnesses, lights, glow sticks, bells, leads, long lines for the dogs as well storm proof jackets, fleece layers, helmets, waterproof trousers, rucksacks, first aid kits (both human and K9), radios, head and hand torches, gps tracking devices, plus many other items of PPE. We also need help to pay for the regular assessments we have to setup and run during the year including accomodation, food, and travelling expenses, which is critical to getting dogs assessed and qualified. It takes approx £3,000 to equip a single dog team and this needs to be regularly maintained and replaced from time to time.

This will help us to keep qaulifying, re-qualifying and deploying search dogs to missing person searches.

You’re the reason we can keep providing our vital service for the public and local communities as we receive no financial support from the government.

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Fundraising started!
Fundraising started!

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